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Herman Brown.jpg
Herman’s major influence in his life was his parents who have always supported him and taught him the importance of hard work. He says that the LNWEF Scholarship made a difference in his life in that he could focus on his academics and not on “how can I pay my school bills.”

When asked what he wants readers to know most about him, he said, “I believe I must pay it forward because people have helped me to get where I am in life and it is my duty to assist others.” Herman exemplified this motto at Morgan State College as he mentored students in the political science department, tutored students who had academic struggles, and provided advice to students who were interested in law school.
— Herman Brown (LNWEF College Scholarship Recipient)
College - Tarra Miller.jpg
When asked how the LNWEF Scholarship has helped her, Tarra says, “I have had zero anxiety over how will I pay for my school expenses. This has given me a peace of mind while I have constantly seen many other people get stressed over finances. School loans and debt had kept me out of school and I did not want to struggle as I have seen others do. The LNWEF Scholarship also allows me to go to a great university that caters to my unique needs of being a working single mother of three small children.”
What she would want others to know if they knew nothing else about her is that Tarra is determined to improve her life. “Getting my degree will add much value into my life, my children’s lives, and those around me.”
— Tarra Miller (LNWEF College Scholarship Recipient)
College - Laniece Freeman.jpg
Laniece has a B.A. from Wilmington University and is pursuing a Master’s degree in social work at Delaware State University. Her inspiration for attending college was to “further her education and to better her future.”

The LNWEF Scholarship helped Laniece attain her AA and BA debt free. She was able to attend school full time while working and being a mother. What Laniece wants readers to know about her is that “her faith has carried her through college and motherhood.”
— Laniece Freeman (LNWEF College Scholarship Recipient)