PPP’s 2017 program on “My Community” was a smash hit!

Now in its 12th year, the Positive Points Program is an innovative summer academic enrichment program for kids aged 8-18. This is a day-camp style program which helps residents of the low to moderate income properties run by Arbor Management, LLC experience the satisfaction of learning something new, participate in craft activities, make new friends and participate in a program that can make a lasting impression in their future.

This year, 238 children served from 8 properties (north & south), participated in activities that taught them about their community, the neighborhood that surrounds them, community service and learning the basic principles of savings in banking, provided by Discover Bank.  Activities included reading blueprints of their apartments, creating diorama of their favorite rooms, understanding how to better help at home, what makes their home beautiful, how to care for their home and look out for their neighbor, how to use a fire extinguisher & shut off vales if water is over running, creating plaques with important phone number in case of an emergency and how to exit their apartment in case of fire or any hazardous materials to name a few. 

In addition, both northern and southern properties participated in productions entitled, “I Can Be Great” and “My Community” where combined 58 children showcased their talents on stage with local professional artists.  Both productions were a huge success as it taught the children about commitment, courage, citizenship, character & creativity.