Hard work has its rewards. La Dai-Sha Carter’s is a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing!

Caring. Kind. Considerate. When describing La Dai-Sha Carter, finding adjectives is easy! This is a young woman who truly wants to make the world a better place, especially for children.

And in fact, a career working with children has always been La Dai-Sha’s dream. A job as a day care worker and two years as a summer camp counselor made her well aware of the real impact she could have on the life of a child.

So, when she was choosing a college major, Nursing felt like the perfect fit. “Specializing in pediatrics, either in a hospital setting or possibly in a pediatric practice, is my ultimate goal,” she says.

Her strong track record at Newark High School has prepared her well for the rigors of this challenging major. In addition to academic achievements during high school, she was also involved in many clubs, events and activities. From competing in Relay for Life, to volunteering at the Hancock House, to helping with the Christina River Clean-up, La Dai-Sha made balancing multiple demands look simple!

Now, as a freshman at Virginia Union University in Richmond, she is putting all of that experience to the test. La Dai-Sha is receiving an important foundation in the essentials, from Math, to Biology, to Health. Next year she will transfer to Delaware State University in Dover, Delaware,where she will be fully immersed in technical courses like Anatomy, Physiology, and Psychology. She is especially looking forward to clinical rotations at a local hospital.

Once La Dai-Sha graduates with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2017, she will be the first person in her family to do so. She knows that this would not have been possible without the financial help she received from the Leon N. Weiner Education Foundation.

“The competition for college scholarships is fierce,” she says, “and, receiving the Leon Weiner Scholarship enabled me to go to school.”

Your support of the Leon N. Weiner Education Foundation will help us continue to assist other motivated, hard-working students like La Dai-Sha, as we continue to expand our Scholarship Program.