Sophomore Ma’Shiya Queen plus West Chester University math classes add up to a successful teaching career!

West Chester, PA —

14-MaShiya_QueenWhen Ma’Shiya Queen arrived at college, she felt well prepared and ready to take on university life. Four years of hard work at SCI Technical High School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania had given her a solid academic foundation including several college-level math classes. She knew that, although the work load would undoubtedly be greater, she was ready to accept the challenge.

Her high school experiences had also shown her the value of participating in extracurricular activities and becoming a part of the school community. In high school, Ma’Shiya was a member of both the Student Council and National Society of Black Engineers and played an integral part in her school’s activities.

Now a college sophomore, Ma’Shiya has taken all that she learned in high school and applied it to continued success at West Chester University. As a Middle School Education Mathematics Major with a Minor in Accounting, she is busy mastering a variety of math courses, from Calculus to Statistics, as well as essentials like English, History, and Sociology.

Ma’Shiya is also a Resident Assistant and staff member of the University’s Residence Life and Housing Services Program. She plays a vital role in facilitating the community atmosphere in her building for each of her 76 residents. Her easy, outgoing nature and friendly demeanor make her a perennial favorite in the dorm!

Ma’Shiya knows that both her academic knowledge and leadership experience are crucial to helping her develop the practical skills necessary to reach her ultimate goal of becoming a Middle School Math Teacher upon graduating in the Spring of 2017.

The decision to become a teacher was an easy one for Ma’Shiya and working with kids of all ages is something that she has always enjoyed. Her experience as a “teacher” started early on, at home. As the first person in her immediate family to go to college, she’s always been a role model for younger brother, now 16.

Ma’Shiya also has a wealth of more formal experience through her volunteer commitment at an after-school program at Harrisburg High School. She has even worked at a summer camp, teaching 4th- 6th graders about technology!

Although teaching is often a difficult profession, Ma’Shiya is dedicated. “I want to be able to give students the education that they deserve,” she says.

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