Reham Ekhwat – Junior, University of Delaware

Newark, DE —

University of Delaware junior Reham Ekhwat has accomplished a lot — in a very short time. In the course of a mere five years, this dynamic young woman has immigrated to the U.S. from Egypt, graduated from Brandywine High School, learned English with enough proficiency to succeed in college-level Shakespeare, and has already received one college degree!

For a less motivated student, that impressive laundry list of achievements would be unthinkable. For Reham, however, they are just the next, logical steps in her plan to excel in her studies and receive a B.S. Degree.

A former professor, Dr. Karen Prudy, describes her this way, “She does not give up, but keeps on working with the tenacity needed to succeed, even in the most difficult of situations.”

Currently a full-time student at the University of Delaware, Reham already possesses an Associates in Arts Degree, but is working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering.

Of course, majoring in Civil Engineering requires intensive focus in a crucial science and engineering curriculum including Materials Science, Fluid Mechanics, and Structural Design. But it’s the math courses that are truly Reham’s passion. From Calculus A and B, to Probability and Statistics for Engineers, she says simply, “I love math.”

Her course requirements for her B.S. Degree will be complete in June 2015, but Reham doesn’t plan to stop there! Instead, a Master’s Degree and even a Ph.D. are in her long-term educational plans.

Plus, a true entrepreneurial spirit has Reham dreaming of one day owning her own civil engineering firm. “I am planning to start my own business once I have enough experience and enough money,” she says. “My hope is to run my own company, one that people can trust.”

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