Who We Are

  • Leon N. Weiner

The Leon N. Weiner Education Foundation (LNWEF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2004 as a lasting tribute to its namesake and his life-long passion and thirst for knowledge.

Leon recognized that an educated populace:

  • Nourishes democratic ideals of equality, justice and service
  • Stimulates creativity and innovation
  • Fosters tolerance, compassion and understanding for all people
  • Enjoys a higher quality of life


Mel Staffin, Esquire

Bruce A. Jones
Vice Chair

Dawn M. Brooks
Donna C. Curtis, MPA
John J. Gorlich
Stanley P. Halbert, CPA
Marcia Clement Kelly
Beverly Stewart, M.Ed.


Kevin P. Kelly

David W. Curtis
Vice President

Thomas J. Perkins, CPA

Michael Stahler
Assistant Secretary

Our Mission

Following the beliefs and desires of Leon N. Weiner, the Leon N. Weiner Education Foundation provides educational assistance to children of low to moderate income families to help them achieve their highest potential and become confident, accomplished, fulfilled individuals and productive members of society.